I never planned to be a Realtor. But life is funny like that. I was always the ‘good’ kid that did the right thing and wanted to prove my worth to my family and society. As such, I got my masters, a responsible job as an accountant, my CPA license, and married the ‘good’ guy. I’ve always been interested in real estate, investing, and personal finance. So I got my real estate license and did deals on the side for several years. 

But one day, a few years later, I woke up a divorced single mom of two young kids. I knew I needed to create an amazing life for my kids. And there was no way I was going back to my accounting cubicle for 8-10 hours a day. My family was concerned. They asked why I’d take a ‘step down’ in my career from a CPA to a Realtor. It felt right in my gut, and I knew I HAD to start listening to this pull. I had to make this work. It was time to turn this ‘hobby’ into a healthy business. This was the key to creating the life I wanted for our future. 

Fast forward a few years to a summer night in downtown Round Rock. I ran into a super cute guy with a SUPER familiar face. I knew I remembered him from high school. I reconnected with Steve, an old friend that I knew from high school. He was a charming (and handsome) Realtor in Austin as well. Small world. We had lots in common, good banter, and THIS was the beginning of us. 

A few short years later, we found ourselves married, living in a house in the suburbs, with an infant. Crazy, right? But life is short, and we knew what we wanted. We started talking about how we could use our backgrounds, strengths and passions to create something amazing? How could we improve the experience for our customers? The more we talked, the more excited, scared, and motivated we were. We knew we could build something great

And the Key Group Austin was born. We hit the ground running and created a set of services that offered clients the best service possible. We became obsessed with how to improve. We want to be the VERY best advocate for our clients. We took what worked for each of us in the past, and pooled the details together to create something even better. We found a broker and mentors that we connected with to guide and lead us even further. We created something amazing. Today, we’re leveraging with amazing agents to continue to increase our speed, communication, service, and offerings.

During the single mom years, I realized how important ‘home’ is, and how I wanted the kids to feel when they walked in. I wanted space to play with friends, safe streets and great schools. I knew so many of our greatest memories and times would happen within those walls. 

A house is so much more than where you live. It’s stability for your family. It can move you closer to your goals and vision for the future. It’s where we raise our families, gather with friends and family, grow as humans, and live life to the fullest. 

We want to hear and brainstorm with you on what you want for your future and why. We are passionate about helping you create the life you want for your future. It starts with an environment that best supports your awesome life and memories that last a lifetime.


The Key Group Austin

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